How to Get 100 Subscribers a Day

How to Get 100 Subscribers a day

As we know Youtube is the biggest platform for video share. In this era, most of people has a Youtube account. No matter what they have for. Because there are so many kind of videos they share here. For example like they share about their daily activity, they share about news etc. And here we can even earn money. Youtube will pay you if  you have a lot of subscribers who keep watching your videos.
So here I'd like to tell you how to get so many subscribers. Just follow the steps below.

1. You need to get on Youlikehits
This site is really working. This is kind of traffic exchange for youtubers. But not only youtube, you can also gain followers on the other social medias just like instagram etc.

2. Login with your email
You need to sign up first before you log in. I assume you have logged in. And then the biggest day in your like is about to come.

3. Go to Earn Points
Here is your homepage display. It is easy to see that you will know everything once you take alook this page.
Go to Earn Points.
You can earn points form anywhere you'd like to. For example you can earn points from subscribing someone. And the number of points is different for every hit.
For example, you can earn points from viewing someone's video.
Just click view, and let the pop up shows. And you need to wait for the timing they give you. Sometimes it takes 30 secs or more.

4. Add your youtube channel URL
Here you can put your Youtube Channel URL
Click Subscriber

Add your Youtube Channel URL like the example they give you.

Here add the Channel URL.

It is very easy to get subscribers. And if you play this site carefully. You will get a thousand subscribers in a month.
And don't forget to take the daily bonus. They give you extra 300 points if you have hit 75 times. This is very nice bonus. 
You can get 300 points for free if you have hit 75 times.

Well. This is very very awesome. Especially for new youtubers. This will work. Just try it.
Thank you

Just try sometime. You will see how great this site is.