How to Get 30 subscribers in an hour

How to Get 30 subscribers easily

People nowadays know what youtube is. Everybody around the world will take alook youtube to see everything. And there are so many informations that we can get.
And what if we want to share some informations, the answer is, you need a youtube channel and the subscribers.

Subscribers are those who will keep watching your videos, they are looking forwards to see your next videos or your new videos. So how do we gain subscribers ? Easy. Follow the steps.

1. Open these 3 sites.

Those sites are incredible to gain so many subscribers. This is called as sub4sub method. So you need to subscribe someone, and you will be subscribed by someone too.
Easy right ? Sure. Well. Now you need to follow the next step.

2. Login on those sites.

Simply. You need to log in with your youtube channel. It is very very easy. And then you will be directed to the place where you need to start to subscribe people.

3. Start subscribing people
Here you will have to subscribe people they give you. You need to like the video and subscribe the channel. Easy!

After you finish subscribing. You just need to wait less than 12 hours to get the subscribers.
You, as a youtuber, will be happy on this site. You only need to spend less than 20mins to finish subscribing people. And at the end, you will have to wait for subscribers to come.
These 3 sites have a similar way to work. You need to subscribe people and you will gain subscribers.

So how will I get 30 subscribers ?

And here is the rule
1. You like and subscribe 20 channels.
2. You will gain 10 subscribers.

You will gain 10 subscribers at one site.
There are 3 sites. So you will gain 30 subscribers. Easy!

If you consistently do this every 12 hours. Can you imagine ? How many people will subscribe your channel ?
10 days = 300 subscribers
1 month = 900 subscribers

You will be able to monetize if you have at least 1000 subscribers right ? And then, this trick will bring you only in a month to pass one of youtube requirements.

You can also gain views here easily. This method will easily bring you to the monetizing mode.

Just try this one yourself. You will know how great this is!