How to Install Ads At The End of Post and Under The Post Title

One way to increase revenue in Google Adsense is the placement of ad units in a good place. And the best position is sometimes in the post. Whether it's under the title, in the middle of the post or at the end of the post.

The best position to install Adsense ads is not always in the post. Basically, the position is closely related to the template used. There's a nice template putting the top right and the left sidebar.

But whatever it is, many bloggers are still convinced, the best position for Adsense ads is in the middle of posting. Only, Adsense ads script is not necessarily accepted by HTML blogspot. If it is forced, it will end with an error.

You can install the ads on blog here

In this tutorial, we will review how to install Adsense ads at the end of the post and under the title. But before installing, you should parse the script of your ad. How, copy Adsense Ads script that you want to install and paste on blogcrowds site.

Parse here

The parse results that we will install in the post. No need to worry, because doing parse did not violate the rules of Google Adsense.

Parse this script does not alter the structure of the ad, just convert it in programming language javascripts that can be accepted by the template. The browser also reads it the same before it is parsed, so worry about it. hehe

How to Install Adsense Ads at End of Post

To install Adsense ads at the end of posts like bloGoooblok ~ apply very easily. Please login to your blogspot dasboard, then select Template and Edit HTML. On the HTML editor page, find the following script with the help of Ctrl F.


The above code will most likely be more than one in your template, select the second code. Then paste the script ads that have been in the previous parse just below the code. By default, this code will be on the left.

How To Install Adsense Ads Under The Post Title

Meanwhile, to install Adense ads right under the title of the post, the way is not much different from the first way above. The difference is that the parse code will be placed just above the code <data: post.body />.

To make it in the middle, additional scripts provided are also the same. You can also add the following script so that there is a distance ad with posting.

<div style="float:left; margin-right:15px;margin-bottom:15px">
.Ads are on the left


<div style="float:right; margin-right:15px;margin-bottom:15px">
Ads are on the right

Hopefully it is able to help you at installing the ads on your blogs and sites.