How to Upgrade a Hosted Adsense to Non Hosted Adsense

There are 2 kinds of google adsense account that we can have Hosted Google Adsense Account and Non Host Google Adsense Account, if you register adsense from site which is still one host with google like blogspot or youtube then you will get a hosted adsense account. whereas if you register adsense using a site hosted personally or top level domain (TLD), then google adsense account that you will get is the type is a non-hosted adsense account. There are some advantages and disadvantages of both hosted and non hosted account.

Non-hosted account types can also be combined with a youtube account, so earnings from youtube become one with blog earnings. This will make it easier for you to receive payments with multiple youtube channels in one payee address.

So that the ads unit code can be displayed on all types of blogs then we need to make changes to the account, by upgrading the hosted adsense account to non hosted one.
Then, what are you waiting for ? Just follow the guides.

How to upgrade your hosted adsense account to non hosted

First : Make sure your site is already using a top level domain (TLD) or it is a site that you are hosting personally.
If the blog is still using flatform blogspot, immediately change the blog into TLD.

Once you have a top level domain site, then please install the ad unit code of your adsense account in the top level domain site you have prepared, you do not have to worry if you have not seen ads because the ad will show only empty space which means that your site is being reviewed.

Second : Add the Site Authorization in to your adsense.
Authorizing your site is one of its functions to upgrade your adsense account from hosted to non-hosted.

Site authorizations can only be used for top-level domain sites only, the steps for authorizing a site are as follows:

  1. Sign in to your adsense account
  2. Select My Ads
  3. Then Other products
  4. Fill the URL of your site into the form provided
  5. Then press the send button
  6. Upgrade process of hosted account to non hosted has been completed.

Finally, you should implement the AdSense ad code on your blog.
But How to put ads on your site ? You can easily put the ads on your site here.

After that google adsense team will review your blog again, for this process we just wait until google adsense team decide the feasibility of your blog to get full approval, we can wait while still updating the article as usual. If you received a notification by email it means YEAHHH!! It tells you that your non-hosted google adsense account has been fully activated. For the length of time depends on the google adsense team, usually about 2-3 working hours or maybe more. Depending on the number of queues that apply for adsense account, so you have to be patient.

Hopefully you are able to upgrade your adsense account after reading this article.