2 Ways On How to Install Adsense Ads Code on Blog

The adsense ads are obviously familiar. You are able to earn money on just putting an ad on your blog. But first you need to know what's the difference between a Hosted Adsens and Non Hosted Adsense.

And you can easily put ads on your site if you have upgraded your adsense into a Non Hosted Account. You can follow the guide on how to upgrade a Hosted Adsense to Non Hosted Adsense.

And then you need to get the Ads Code on your adsense.

Then you are enough to know how to install ads on your blog.

2 Ways on How to Install Adsense Ads Code on Blog

How to maximize your adsense revenue also depends on you as the owner of the blog, so the placement of Adsense ads in the field of this template that will affect the revenue.

So, before creating a blog, you should consider in choosing a template that Ads Ready so it will make it easier for you in installing ad code.

For the installation of Google Adsense ads, there are 2 ways that you can apply.

1. How To Install Ads Through Blogger Dashboard

To start advertising Adsense, you just need to log into your Blogger account and choose Earnings.

If you register Adsense not through blogspot, it's good first associate your Adsense account with blogspot. You do this by entering your account ID.

If it works then it will look like this:

To place an Adsense ad on a blog, choose Yes in the Show ads option on the blog. There are three ad models that we can display through this setting.

  1. Display ads below my posts and in the side bar: it means the ad will appear in the blog sidebar and at the end of the post.
  2. Display ads below my posts only: the ads will only appear at the bottom or end of the post.
  3. Display ads below in the side bar only: ads will only appear in the blog sidebar.
If you have made a change do not forget to click the Save Settings button in the top right corner.

2. How To Install Through Google AdSense Dashboard

To get the Adsense ad unit code, please login to your Google Adsense account and go to My ads page (my ad), you will find some options and sizes that can be customized on the blog template.

  1. Go to My ads menu.
  2. Click New ad unit and do not forget to always name your ad code.
  3. Select the ad size, on the menu 'Suggested' you can choose according to the blog template. There are about seven types of options given.

First Suggested, this is the most widely used type. Horizontal Banner, Upright Banner, Responsive Rectangle, Custom Size and Link Ads

Any type of size, you look at it first by clicking Preview, like the following 300x250 size.
Here is the example.

In the types of ads can be selected for image and text ads, images only or text only, adjust with your choice. If you choose text and image ads, it's a good idea to choose the style of text ads that will be displayed.

In this section there are many options that you can customize with your blog. To edit it, click the Copy and Edit button.

If you are confused to edit and combine according to your taste, I suggest select the default ones only.

At the bottom, there are two more options, namely, Custom channels and Backup Ads. Both are only useful for certain times only. While ignoring it first and I will discuss in the next guide.

If you are sure of the choice of ads, then click Save and get the code.

You can do another ad code retrieval code for another size. Once you get the ad code, it's now turn to install it on the blog template.

Look at the picture below, where you want to put Google Adsense ads.

You can put the ads anywhere you want to. The picture above is only a sample for your ads placement.

You can put the other ads on Layout bar. It's easy to do.
If you have got the ads code. Go to your blog.
And then go to "layout'

And then click on "java" as the picture below

And then put your ads code there. You can get the ads code here

Hopefully this article helps you.