The Differences of The Hosted and Non Hosted Adsense

Who doesn't like it if someone gets received by google adsense which is the advertising platform ppc (paid per click). The reason someone is very very happy if you have a google adsense account in addition to its difficulty to register because there are 2 stages of review, you also have to bring visitors from google and do not forget to complete your blog navigation with TOS, Privacy and Policy, Disclaimer and About Me. You will be able to upgrade the Hosted Adsense to Non Hosted Adsense here.

The Differences Between Hosted and Non Hosted Google Adsense

Perhaps many people have heard that google adsense consists of 2 kinds of accounts, namely Hosted and NonHosted. But do you know what the difference is?
Alright... This article will review what are the advantages and disadvantages of both accounts, as well as the difficulty level when registering.

Hosted Google Adsense

We start from adsense Hosted which can be very easy to register if you meet the rules applied by adsense.

1. Registration Platform

The very first thing to know is this account can only be registered through blogger and youtube platform. If you use blogger, to get hosted adsense account you need to use a free domain that's given by blogspot. And to register, it has been different since dashboard blogger view changed, you must generate table of earnings in advance which later there is a direct link to register

2. Show Ad

Since the hosted account is registering it can only use youtube and blogger platforms, ads will also appear only on both platforms. Especially for the blogger platform, if your domain is already TLD (top lever domain) type, the ad will not show. But if you sign up via youtube and want to plug into blogger you have to go through step up account first, to upgrade account you have to customize blogspot domain with domain TLD.

3. Advantages of this Account

The advantage is the registration process is fairly easy, because only through 1 stage review.
For free, because your blog is hosted by google and get a free domain.

4. Lack of this Account

The drawback is the ad code can not be installed on a platform other than blogger and youtube, and even then if using blogger must use a free domain.
The process of upgrading the account is fairly long, because it needs to verify the PIN first.

That's some of the advantages and disadvantages of Hosted adsense, then let us discuss a nonhosted adsense account.

Non Hosted Google Adsense

This account can be categorized with accounts that are very difficult to get, because you must pass the review stage as much as 2 times and also have visitors from organic search other than that, there are many more.

1. Registration Platform

The platform you use to get this account is free, you can use blogger platform (customized with TLD domain), wordpress (self hosted), phpbb and many other CMS platforms.

2. The appearance of advertising

Complete already if you have this account because its ads can be installed anywhere without having to wait for review again. You can also install ad code on blogs that have blogspot domain and also can be used to monetize youtube channel.

3. Advantages of this Account

  • You are free to use the ad code to be paired to any site without having to review again.
  • Able to be used to youtube as well.
  • Able to be used on wordpress self hosted.

4. Lack of this Account

  • The registration process is difficult.
  • Experiencing 2x stage review that is at the time of seeing the quality of blogs and second in the ad code in the paste.
  • Need a budget because it must register through the TLD domain although using blogger
  • Can only be registered by blog

That is some of the shortcomings and advantages of each account. In my opinion, if you are a blogger should have upgraded the domain first before registering adsense.

If you already have a hosted adsense, you just need to upgrade it. You can see on my other articles telling how to upgrade a hosted adsense to non hosted adsense. It is very very easy. Just follow my guide. You will be able to upgrade the Hosted Adsense to Non Hosted Adsense here.

Hopefully this is helping you.